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Uncommonsense Wellness

Uncommonsense Wellness

Why does it take ‘Uncommon Sense’ to Achieve Wellness?

Every day we are bombarded with health information that sounds logical, but may not be…such as:

  • The Food Pyramid

  • People gain weight due to poor diet and lack of exercise

  • Feeling tired and weak is a normal part of aging

  • Milk, Wheat and Soya are healthy foods for all

  • Ailments such as asthma have no cure; you just have to live with them or suppress the symptoms with drugs

  • Blood pressure and cholesterol drugs need to be taken life-long

Such advice may be good for some but disastrous for others.

This confusion exists because many healthcare “experts” have fallen in love with a “one-size-fits all” approach.


















Wishing Well’s Uncommon Sense Wellness Seminars will…

  • Help you make sense of all the contradictory and confusing information

  • Help you to create customized solutions for your unique needs

  • Arm you to protect yourself from major diseases

  • Show you drug-free ways to get well if you are currently ill

Customized ‘Uncommon Sense Wellness’ Workshop

Among the many options we offer when designing a customised wellness program:

  • Diet plans that show results and are realistic to follow.

  • Forget about weight loss and learn about FAT LOSS (the only way to lose and stay healthy).

  • Easy and enjoyable detoxification methods.

  • Overcoming insomnia and digestive problems without getting hooked on drugs.

  • Improving personal energy and stamina.

  • Cholesterol and blood pressure reduction through lifestyle changes.

  • Relief from joint pain, backache and other areas of discomfort through muscle balancing exercises...no drugs needed.

  • Lifestyle assessment and coaching for real, lasting change.

  • Live young! Anti-aging tips.

  • Workshops addressing special needs:

    • Diabetes

    • Heart Problems

    • Obesity or Weight loss challenges

    • So-called incurable diseases

    • Cancer


  • Workshops for Emotional and Physiological needs:

    • Pre-emptive Stress Management

    • Anger Management

    • Relationships & Addictions

    • Power of Healthy Thinking

Onsite Diagnostic Procedure:

This is only for participants who wish to take a therapeutic approach to elevate their wellness to optimal levels. Wishing Well's diagnostic procedures are different from the standard corporate executive health checkups.  The results will not only inform you where you currently stand in the illness-wellness continuum but will also point out whether you are headed in the illness or wellness direction in the future. The participants will receive the results within the next 72 hrs. During the preceding sessions the participants will be educated on how to understand and interpret their medical report. Participants can then organize a consulting appointment with our Medical Experts for therapeutic or preventive care based on the results.

Keeping Score

Too many wellness programs are conducted like playing a game without keeping score. The programs have no traction and soon lose their meaning. It is very important to continuously monitor, evaluate and fine-tune the results of the program. This will quantify the organization's/ individual’s ROI, enable the program to be taken seriously and show what's working and what's not.

Follow up Sessions:

An optional weekly online follow-up session for up to 4 weeks is available. Participants will have access to our experts and wellness coaches online to assist with the implementation process and other enquiries. The follow up sessions are highly recommended as they assist participants to effectively implement what they learn until it becomes second nature.