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Herbal Medicine

Wishing Well's Integrative Medical Center in Bangalore offers free treatment for patients coming from financially challenged backgrounds.

Wishing Well Healthcare offers free services for:

  • Treatment of Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Kidney & Liver disorders and also mental-health related ailments such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Senile Dementia. 

  • Workshops and Awareness camps for Wellness & Prevention

  • Therapy to help quit addiction to smoking, alcohol and drugs.


Wishing Well Healthcare also offers training for skill development and provides employment opportunities for women who have been the unfortunate victims of domestic violence and abuse. With the kind and generous support of our donors At GrassRoots Trust funds these projects and also offers scholarships towards the education of their children. 


To know more about the trust and its activities kindly visit the following link: www.atgrassroots.in

Cheques favouring At Grass Roots Trust can be made to: 

HDFC Bank (Shastri Nagar Branch) 

Account No: 00102000014710