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Herbal Medicine

The Wishing Well Experience

What to expect from the Wishing Well Experience


The Wishing Well Approach to Wellness is based on 5 important steps:

  1. Creating Awareness

  2. Providing Tools

  3. Designing an Action Plan

  4. Monitoring Progress

  5. Fine-tuning the Approach


Some areas we specialize in:


  • Customized Dietary Programs

  • Detoxification methods to suit individual needs

  • Improving Energy levels

  • Disease Treatment Strategies (Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.)

  • Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching

  • Anti-Aging Strategies


Learn to naturally…


  • Lose Fat, Lose Inches (Most Weight Loss Programs make you lose Water and Muscle, not Fat)

  • Lower your cholesterol

  • Lower your Blood Pressure

  • Raise your Blood Pressure

  • Prevent Heart Disease

  • Reverse Heart Disease

  • Control and Arrest your Diabetes

  • Treat the many complications of Diabetes

  • Relieve Arthritis Pain

  • Postpone Menopause Treatment and Staying Young

  • Have Healthy, Younger-Looking Skin

  • Improve your Sex Life

  • Treat Fibroids and avoid Surgery

  • Treat Cysts and avoid Surgery

  • Treat your Cancer without Drugs and/or Surgery or Minimize the side-effects of Chemo and Radiation


When you come to Wishing Well, you can stop worrying about age-related problems such as:


  • Memory loss...

  • Energy and Strength...

  • Bone Health...

  • Vision, Hearing and Other Senses...

  • Loss of Bowel and Bladder Control...

  • Blood Pressure issues and Arterial Health...

  • Blood Sugar...

  • Or any other 'age-related' issues....