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It is estimated that more than 80% of cancer patients suffer malnourishment and fatigue due to which they experience treatment delays or interruptions giving the disease a chance to progress to more advanced stages.


There are more humane and more effective Cancer Treatments that deliver superior results. 


'Integrative Oncology'

Integrative Oncology
  • Treats the multiple causes of cancer, making it a more powerful approach

  • Treats the whole patient and not just the local tumour thus reducing the chances of metastasis

  • Empowers the body to fight its own battle rather than weaken it and make it drug-dependent

  • Provides a superior quality of life and reduces the chances of recurrence by boosting immunity.

What‘s Wrong with the Current
Approach to Cancer Treatment?
Why Society Needs Integrative Cancer  Care?
What are the treatment options  in Integrative Oncology