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Thriving on Stress

There is Nothing Funny about Stress!

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Back pain


Stomach Aches

Sleep problems

Lack of creativity    

Feeling overwhelmed 

Difficulty thinking clearly

Inability to make decisions     

Getting angry or upset easily   

Finding no meaning to things  


Are you using any of these quick fixes?

  • Smoking

  • Abusing alcohol

  • Using painkillers

  • Overeating

  • Other Compulsive behavior


Any of the above symptoms can be a strong warning signal that it is time to reconsider the way you handle stress. You might believe that things will improve in the future for some reason, but unless you find the real cause of the problem and drastically change your own behavior, things will most probably get worse.


You see, even if you believe that "bad people" or “bad circumstances” are the cause of your own stress, those things are not going to disappear. In fact they may even increase in number!


So YOU have to take action. And you can!

The destructive effect of stress is cumulative.
Headaches will become more and more painful. Pain killers will ruin your stomach. Back pain won't go away. The side-effects of sleeping pills will increase. Quick fixes will continue destroying your health and reinforce your addictions.

You probably know that most visits to medical doctors are stress-related. Studies show that up to 70% of all illnesses have to do directly or indirectly with stress.

Poor handling of stress impacts all aspects of your life:

  • Your relationships at home and at work

  • Your career

  • The quality of your life

  • And much more


Of course you may know all this, so you probably already tried all sorts of things to handle stress better…but perhaps with little success.

There are a few simple reasons why:

Books are great sources of information, but once read, they gather dust and do little to change behavior.

Seminars and workshops help, but studies show most of what is learned is forgotten within 48 hours.

Most programs offer solutions that provide marginal benefits since they are reactive and not proactive


So what's the solution?

Learn how to make SMALL changes that will deliver BIG RESULTS that will eventually become a way of life. It is easy, once you know how.

Wishing Well programs are designed to deliver superior, lasting results using the “Small Change” principle.

The “Thriving on Stress” program provides new techniques that are easy.