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How to Achieve Peak Performance - Workplace Wellness Workshop

Are you an “over-motivated, underachiever” – a person who is talented and able, but doesn’t perform anywhere near their true potential, despite massive amounts of effort? In our culture “hard work” is considered to be a virtue and this misconception creates the over-motivated underachiever. Unfortunately, the results of their work rarely equal the effort they’ve put in, and this “hard work” mentality will only break them down and frustrate them in the long run.

So, are you an over-motivated underachiever? You probably are if…

  • You are delaying your own dreams in order to satisfy others

  • You work all the time but never enjoy it or get satisfaction

  • You think that effort will overcome any obstacle

  • You work 24/7 to boost your career, but all that work has only made you a candidate for a heart attack

  • You constantly complain that it’s not fair when someone who’s never in the office before 9am is given a promotion

  • You always perform better when you are not under pressure

  • You “know” you can do better but you can’t seem to do it

  • You spend so much time at the office or on tour that when you come home your child asks your wife, “Who’s he?”

It’s very easy to look at a superstar in your field and conclude that he is successful because of his natural-born talents.

Few people realize that ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things all the time, in every field, just by learning how to exploit the potential of the human mind.

Every person is wired to succeed to the best of our ability; humans are designed not just to cope with pressure but to thrive on it, using it as a psychological energy bar that fuels our daily performances to greater heights.

How to achieve Peak Performance

The Peak Performance Program is designed to show people how to do this.

Participants will get tools to help them learn and practice how to access The Peak Performance Mindset.

Some of the learning will be:

  • How to consistently achieve the kind of intense focus that all the best performers in every field are capable of achieving

  • How to reshape your thinking so you will be able to trust your skills to perform freely and intensely even under intense pressure

But most importantly, people will learn the differences between the Average Mindset and the Peak Performer’s Mindset and how to make the switch.

Here are the key differences between the “Average Mindset” and the “Peak Performer’s Mindset”:


Active Mind Empty Mind

Judgmental Accepting

Analytical Instinctive

Scientific Artistic

Wanting It Now Patient

Calculating Reacting

Effortful Playful

Critical Quiet

Intentional Rhythmic

Controlling Letting It Happen

It may be hard to believe, but...


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