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Herbal Medicine

Questions to ask your Allopathic Doctor

Questions to ask:

  • Before you give your doctor complete authority over your treatment selection, please keep in mind that most doctors only know about pharmaceuticals and not about natural therapies.

  • Many parts of modern medicine are complicated, but treatment selection is not. Ask your doctor the following six questions about the treatment he or she is recommending and you will know enough to make an informed decision.

  • Please explain why you selected a particular treatment and how it works.

  • Will this treatment address the root cause or will it just suppress my symptoms?

  • What are the side effects and what percentage of patients experience each side-effect?

  • Will other medications be prescribed to deal with each of those side-effects, such as antacids?

  • How long will I have to stay on these medicines?

  • If I am not comfortable with the side-effects, will you switch over to milder drugs or natural medicines?

  • Some doctors get offended when you question them, however, if you are considering all options, including alternative therapies, then you must learn the reality of the recommended allopathic treatments in order to compare them fairly to alternatives.

Approaching Your Allopath with Information on Alternative Therapies
  • Before discussing alternatives with your Allopath, please be aware and also make your doctor aware that he/she:

  • Has received completely distorted information about alternative therapies from the pharmaceutical industry and certain special interest groups.

  • May not be in a position to comment on contradictions between alternatives and conventional medicine since that is not part of their training.

  • Will most likely get upset at you and will try and convince you not take alternative treatment even though he or she does know little or nothing about alternatives.

  • Tell your doctor he/she should give you at least as much control over "repair decisions" as your automobile mechanic.

  • If your doctor ridicules alternative therapies, show him/her an example of the hypocrisy of his sources of information: Show him the page entitled: Fraudulent Comments on the NCI (US National Cancer Institute) Test Summary.

  • If your doctor agrees that NCI tried to deceive, then your doctor should realize that there are other viable treatments that he or she does not know about. Then you can openly discuss alternatives without your doctor getting angry or discouraging you.

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