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Peak Performance

Why do most organisations and their employees struggle to perform at the optimal threshold?

Most organisations and employees are caught up in popular beliefs, which do not stand true for peak performers

  1. Work hard

  2. Be realistic

  3. Relax

  4. Don’t be overconfident

  5. Practice makes perfect

  6. Set goals

  7. Set limits

  8. Natural talent and intelligence does not guarantees greatness

  9. Multi task is against peak performance

Program Details:

Wishing Well through its Peak Performance Workshop's trains employees and equips them with tools that enables them and the organisation cruise consistently at optimal performance thresholds.

The program will be a 1-Year program. The group will meet once a month. The rest of the month will be spent on implementing the ideas and skills learnt at the last session.

There will be  a "discovery" diagnostic program conducted prior to starting the training program that will help us to customize the program for each company.


For more details on our corporate training programs, please contact: info@wishingwellcare.com