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Parkinson's Disease, Dementia & Multiple Sclerosis

Although little is known about the causes of Parkinson's disease, it  is believed that the disease develops when nerve cells that produce a chemical called dopamine become damaged and die. It has also been proven that patients with Parkinson’s Disease are deficient in Glutathione especially in the part of the brain where dopamine neurons are concentrated.


At Wishing Well Healthcare we intravenously administer a powerful antioxidant – Glutathione. The IV not only slows down nerve cell degeneration, in most patient’s the effects are almost immediate and dramatic. Within an hour of treatment, patients often experience reduced rigidity, fewer tremors, and improved gait.

Most patients with Parkinson’s Disease also have heavy metal toxicity in the brain. After testing for metal toxicity, specific chelators are used to remove the offending metal(s).

The treatment also includes Specialised Physiotherapy & Movement Re-education.

In many patient’s our treatment protocol has also reversed disability.