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Lyme Disease & Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme disease is a syndrome that mimics so many other conditions and is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, ALS and a myriad of other conditions. Some Lyme disease sufferers recall a tick bite and others can't but there are symptoms which are common for the condition:

  •  Fatigue

  •  Pain

  •  Foggy thinking and inability to make decisions 

  •  Emotional disturbances including anxiety and depression

  •  Headaches 

  •  Vision changes 

  •  Neurological symptoms including weakness and tingling sensations 

Lyme disease patients usually suffer from at least a few of the above symptoms. 
The introduction of the bacteria borelia burgdorferii by an infected tick is what causes the symptoms experienced by Lyme disease sufferers. Other co-infections may also contribute to the symptom picture. Laboratory testing via Western Blot fails to pick up the bacteria after a short window following the initial bite. Other tests, including IGenX Lyme Panel will often pick up these infections and possible co-infections. 

Effective naturopathic treatment for Chronic Lyme disease is available and includes:

  •  IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy to provide natural, side-effect free anti-biotic therapy. 

  •  High dose IV vitamin C therapy to build immunity and improve fatigue. 

  •  IV Amino Acid therapy to build muscle and improve mood and endurance. 

  •  IV Phosphatidylcholine to improve neurological symptoms caused by the progression of Lyme disease. 

  •  IV Artemisinin for Babesia Lyme disease co-infections. 


This is a promising new therapy developed to rid the body of Lyme disease and its devastating symptoms and allow the patient to return to functioning maximally.

Many of my Lyme disease patients improve with this therapy and some are completely clear of further symptoms. Other patients who have had antibiotic therapy, either IV or oral, have come back to request this treatment because of its effectiveness, its lack of side effects and the way that they feel compared to antibiotic treatment.

Listen to what one Lyme disease sufferer has to say about the treatment:

One of our success stories said it best about these natural serial IV treatments; "I feel confident in the therapy, not only in how I feel, but, that it is allowing my own body, to overcome the disease."