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Herbal Medicine

How to choose the right Treatment Center?


Questions to ask:

  • Is there a team of doctors of various disciplines to help design the most effective treatment for your particular needs?

  • How experienced are the doctors in their fields?

  • Can I speak to existing patients to get their opinion?

  • Can the doctors demonstrate treatment success in a credible manner?

  • Is there a caring and loving environment at the clinic?

  • Are the doctors able to clearly explain the science behind the therapies they offer?

  • Do the doctors encourage the patient to get opinions from other doctors and clinics/hospitals?


Observe the following...

  • Do the doctors spend quality time with patients or do patients feel rushed during a consultation?

  • Are the doctors good listeners or do they do most of the talking?

  • Do the doctors work on getting to the root of the problem or are they focusing on symptom relief?

  • Do they give a realistic picture of the patient’s prognosis or do they give false hopes?

  • Are questions answered to the patient’s satisfaction?

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