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Herbal Medicine


Understand that being diagnosed with Cancer is not a death sentence and that Complementary medicine can be used, in place of and along with main stream medicine.  

Wishing Well Healthcare's approach to Cancer Treatment

Wishing Well Healthcare offers:

  1. Preventive Cancer Therapy for people who would like to proactively take action and protect themselves from Cancer.

  2. Treatment for Cancer for patients who are currently battling with Cancer. 

    1. Wishing Well Healthcare's Complete Cancer Treatment: This therapy approach is offered to patients who opt for Wishing Well Healthcare's Integrated Medical approach for their Cancer Treatment. The Cancer Treatment includes diagnosis, treatment and post treatment support to ensure that there is no recurrence of cancer. 

    2. Quasi Treatment: This therapy approach is for patients who continue their conventional cancer treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation) and Wishing Well's Integrated Medical approach works in synergy to reduce the toxic side effects and enhance physical and physiological healing. 

  3. Life after treatment of Cancer:

    1. For those who have successfully recovered and would like to take preventive measures to ensure there are no recurrences. ​

    2. For those who want to gain physical and physiological health after chemo and radiation therapies been administered. ​


Each case is unique and we respect patient choices, answer questions and look to give the best available care for every type of cancer and every stage of cancer, from treatment of pre-cancerous conditions to Stage 4 cancer treatment as well as cancer prevention.

Following an in depth evaluation that includes possible contributors to cancer, laboratory testing is performed to show baseline status. If there is exposure history, labs can be run to determine presence of toxins in the body, including heavy metals and pesticides, which can contribute to cancer growth. AMAS testing allows for the ability to assess the effectiveness of cancer therapy without exposure to harmful radiation. A simple blood draw is all that is needed for the test.

Alkalization: The body becomes extremely acidic with an uncontrolled multiplication of cells. At Wishing Well's Cancer Clinic we begin our cancer treatment by correcting the acid-alkaline balance of the body. Alkalizing the body makes it impossible for cancer cells to survive. Alkalization is achieved by acid-neutralizing minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Rubidium and Cesium to supply proper miniralization.  

DETOX: At Wishing Well's Cancer Clinic we consider the removal of toxins from the body as one of the most important part of cancer treatment. 

Wishing Well's detox procedures include:

  • Colon Hydro Therapy 

  • Chelation

  • Ozone Therapy

  • Intravenous Blood Purification Therapy 

  • Liver & Kidney Flush

  • Lymph Drainage through activation of reflex nodes. 

CAAT : Controlled Amino Acid Treatment: This therapy is used to alter or impair the development of Cancer cells by interfering with the five basic requirements of cell formation (structure, energy, blood vessels, growth hormones and functions such as reproduction and metastasis). This is accomplished by controlling the intake of the 20 different amino acids. Based on specific formula for each Cancer treatment, it consists of separate amino acids, citric acid and small amounts of sodium benzoate. The CAAT formula will nourish the healthy cells while causing the cancer cells to starve to death. 

Enzymatic Therapy: Cancer cells are coated with a protein lining that prevents the body's natural defense mechanism (WBC cells) from getting to the cancer cells. The enzymatic therapy dissolves the protein lining from around the cancer cells and the body's natural defense mechanism take over thereafter to destroy the cancer cells. 

Biological Response Modifier Therapy: The therapy stimulates the body's response to infection and disease. As part of the therapy we use factors such as interferon, interleukin, gamma globulin and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) that help to rebuild the immune system. 

Nutritional Therapy: Wishing Well Cancer Clinic not only offers nutritional therapy and guidance to boost physical wellness of the cancer patient but also as a targeted cancer therapy. The nutrients and diet is prescribed depending on individual needs of the patient who is identified using advanced kinesiology techniques and vibrational medicine. We also recommend Budwig diet, Macrobiotic diet and Low sugar diet to most of our cancer patients. 

An individualized plan for cancer treatment can include these natural therapies. 

  •  High dose IV vitamin C

  •  Mistletoe therapy- Iscador

  •  Ozone therapy

  •  IV Hydrogen Peroxide

  •  IV Careseng/PandiMex

  •  IV Artemisinin

  •  IV Chelation therapy

  •  IV Alpha-Lipoic Acid

  •  IV Amino Acids

  •  Detoxification protocols

  •  Dietary therapy

  •  Supplementation


These therapies can be used in conjunction with standard chemotherapy and radiation or as stand alone cancer therapies.

Biofeedback and Psychotherapy: The experts at Wishing Well's Cancer Clinic believe that the strength of the mind and a healthy support group accelerates the recovery period. The first step to approaching Cancer Treatment is to understand that 'being diagnosed with cancer is not a death sentence.' Apart from counselling, Wishing Well's Cancer Clinic also trains the patient and the family members on stress free techniques to approach the treatment and disease. This approach has proven to significantly enhance the power of the immune system. Our experts also use biofeedback methodologies to offer emotional spiritual guidance.