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Herbal Medicine

Questions to ask your Naturopathic Doctor

Questions to ask:
  • Before you give your doctor complete authority over your treatment selection, please keep in mind that most Naturopaths are aware of Allopathic treatments but may be biased against them on principle. While it’s true that most Allopaths are dismissive of alternative therapies without knowing the facts, Naturopaths should be a lot more tolerant...for that is the way of the true scientist.

  • Make sure the Naturopath gives you information based on facts and not opinions about both Allopathic and Naturopathic treatments. Ask him/her the following questions:

  • Please explain why you selected a particular treatment.

  • Is there a scientific basis for this treatment and if so, how does it work?

  • Will this treatment address the root cause or will it just suppress my symptoms?

  • Are there any side effects and if not, how do you know this?

  • Can I continue to take my Allopathic drugs while on this treatment?

  • How long will I have to stay on this treatment?

  • If I don’t see any results, will you change the treatment or refer me to an Allopath for drug treatment?

  • Some doctors get offended when you question them, however, if you are considering all options, including drug therapies, then you must learn the reality of the recommended alternative treatments in order to compare them fairly to drug therapies.

Approaching Your Naturopath with Information on Allopathic Treatments
  • Before discussing drug therapy with your Naturopath, please be aware and make the doctor aware that he/she:

  • Might be unfairly biased against pharmaceutical drugs.

  • May not have enough experience with the effectiveness of drug therapy to comment on it.

  • Should not get upset if the patient opts for Allopathic treatment after discussing natural therapies.


Tell your doctor he/she should give you the freedom to choose your ultimate treatment and should support you regardless of your choice.

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