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Mrs. Neelam Sibal shares her story of recovery with Prakinson's disease at Wishing Well Healthcare.

We came to the Wishing Well Health Clinic with my mother who was seriously ill. She had a serious heart condition and various other complications. With a history of diabetes and numerous hospital visits in the past, hospital visits were not something we looked forward to! None of the hospitals with their teams of specialists were able to treat my mother as a whole - rather, each specialist concentrated on his own specific field, with no signs of improvement in my mother's health.

With Dr. Suresh, it was a totally different and holistic approach with regard to my mother's treatment. Without recourse to allopathic medicines, he improved the general health of my mother over a period of months by giving her intravenous supplements. As a result, my mother is now leading a normal life and is more active than us at times!


The staff is super friendly, and the entire atmosphere is very homely. We never feel like we're in a hospital or a clinic, and this, in turn, accelerates the healing process ! The positivity of Wishing Well is a remedy by itself. Dr. Suresh is the most approachable doctor I have met. His knowledge is so vast and his positive energy is something I wish all doctors could adopt. When we first got to know about naturopathy, we were a little apprehensive; but after meeting Dr. Suresh, our lives have changed. I can say with utmost conviction that Dr. Suresh saved my mother's life.

Thanks to Wishing Well & Dr. Suresh Shottam, our lives have changed for the better. It has been a year since we began visiting Wishing Well due to a requirement of preventive healthcare and the journey has been nothing short of wonderful and holistic health. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in really understanding your body and health and would like to make a change for a better life.

8 months of excruciating pain due to disc decompression disappears in literally 30 seconds at Wishing Well Healthcare... (no exaggeration)!!! I call it a miracle and they call it integrated medicine. A thousand pranaams to the healing genius of Dr. Suresh Shottam the healing heart of Dr.Manjula Boopathy and the healing touch of Sister Binu Sham, Sister Lidiya, Sister Mona V Suresh, Sister Rebecca, Sister Elizabeth and the loving care of Vijaya Lalitha...I must also emphasis Dr. Chandan's expert PRP Therapy that set the foundation for the 'flash' recovery and his Prolozone Therapy thereafter that completely cured sciatica - a painful side effect that had developed due to the Disc Decompression (for which I was otherwise recommended surgical intervention.)

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